Raich is located in the most southwestern of Germany, close to Switzerland and France. The village of 300 residents in the municipality Kleines Wiesental is scattered over the sunny slopes, rich of viewpoints, in the wonderful landscape of the southern black-forest, on a height of 750 m. Situated at a quiet by-road, Raich is within easy driving distance from Lörrach (30 km) or Freiburg (65 km).
Where is Raich?
What to do in Raich and surroundings?
Walking/Cross-country skiing
In the area of Raich are a lot of marked walkingtracks, ranging from small loops up to a connection with the “Westweg Basel-Pforzheim” which is about 200 km´s long between these two citys. Caused by the traditional keeping open of larger meadows you will find a lot of panoramic views while you are walking. In the larger area around Raich there are a lot of possibilities to walk also. For your invigoration you will find a “Gastwirtschaft”  (Restaurant) in almost every village.
During wintertime you can enjoy the white splendor with cross-country skiing, for example on the Nonnenmattweierloipe. For alpine skiing you will find within a radius of 30 km several small ski areas

All the nice winding roads make the southern black-forest a very heavenly area for motorcyclists. On the well developed mainroads you can make wonderful tours, and for those who like it a bit more easy-going there are of course all these small roads connecting these little villages which are lying somewhere hidden on the slopes of the black forrest. (Don´t forget to take a break so now and then to enjoy the views!)
You have more time/ambitions?? The swiss Jura Mountains and the french Elsace is within daytour distance.

Nature and Culture:
There is a wide diversity of places of interest. In the “Naturpark Südschwarzwald” there is of course first of all nature and landscape, e.g. the summits of Feldberg (1493 m) or Belchen (1414 m) both with magnificent panoramic views, or the small romantic lakes like Titisee or Nonnenmattweier, which invites for a swimm also.
There are Holidayparks like the Vogelpark in Steinen whith a lot of birds or the Wildpark Steinwasen which is a combination of wildlife- and traditional holidaypark.
There are small and interesting museums with different themes, for example:
The Hebelmuseum in Hausen about the local poet/writer Johann Peter Hebel.
The Textilemuseum in Zell.i.W. about the former textile-industry in this valley.
The Besucherbergwerk Finstergrund near Wieden about the mining-industry.
The Bauernhofmuseum Schneiderhof in Steinen-Kirchhausen, a typical black-forrest farmstead
The Schloss Bürgeln near Kandern, a manor-house with a baroque design.

And for those who like to make a citytour, Freiburg, Basel and Colmar are within easy reach. There are a lot of possibilitys! For more ideas and informations, take a look on our Links-Page.

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